Real Estate Exchange Trade In MMT

TradeInMMT is a program to exchange your property located in Russia for real estate in Turkey from MMT Tunc Group

What the transaction process will look like:

  1. The client chooses an object from the developer MMT Tunc Group
  2. Notifies the MMT Tunc Group manager that he or she would like to use the TradeInMMT program
  3. An employee of the Russian division contacts the client to evaluate the existing facility in Russia
  4. The client, together with the manager of the developer MMT TUNC, put the developer’s object they like on reservation at a fixed price for up to 30 days
  5. Employees of the Russian division begin the implementation of the facility at the highest possible price.
  6. After the sale of the property, an employee of the Russian division helps to transport funds to Turkey to pay for the Turkish property of the client.

The TradeInMMT program is beneficial for the client, as it is:

  • A fast, high-quality solution – the average program implementation time is about 30 days
  • Choosing and fixing a new project from a Turkish developer helps not hone in on the perfect home at a fixed price.
  • The transaction is carried out within the framework of one company, which provides a full range of services from the sale of an object in Russia, the transfer of funds and the execution of documents for your new apartment in Turkey
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Contact Informations:

Phone :

+90 (532) 698 83 43 (EN-UA-RU)

+ 90 (532) 134 60 07  (TR)

WhatsApp : +90 (532) 698 83 43

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