Assistance In Obtaining A Residence Permit

Need help to get residence permit leave in Turkey?

Residence permit in Turkey gives you the opportunity to:

  • Get treatment in Turkish hospitals under insurance
  • Get a local driver’s license and buy a car
  • Get your child into a public school.

What are the grounds for obtaining a residence permit:

  • Tourism

If you just want to stay in the country as a tourist for more than 3 months, you can also apply for a residence permit; however, to qualify, you must at least rent an apartment.

  • Business, investment, home buying

When buying a property, you get the title deed (deed of ownership up to $400,000).

  • Family reunification.
  • If your close relative legally lives in Turkey or has citizenship.
  • Education at the university

A student residence permit allows you to stay in the country for up to a year, then it can be extended until the end of your studies.

If you buy real estate in MMT Tunc Group, our company provides all the necessary assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

We provide both advice on this issue and help with the collection of documents

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