Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

The most popular, simple and quick way is to obtain citizenship by investment.

This is possible when buying real estate at a price of $ 400,000 or above

To start a successful Turkish passport application, you must meet the following criteria (Citizenship Law No. 5901_ dated May 29, 2009):

  • Be of legal age according to the laws of your state and Turkey
  • Observe public order, do not violate the law and do not threaten the national security of the country.

The investment program allows you to obtain Turkish citizenship under an accelerated program.

You do not need to change your residence to pay taxes, declare income and property located in other countries.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship when buying real estate does not require a long wait for the result – after 2-3 months you can become a full-fledged citizen.

When buying a property in MMT Tunc Group, we accompany our clients at every stage of obtaining a Turkish passport.

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