Cooperation with MMT Tunc Group

Do you need a reliable investment partner in Turkey?

Agents and Agencies

MMT Tunc Group is always open for cooperation on favorable terms for both parties. Our company has a 25 year reputation, which extends a long way for our partners. We offer the most favorable conditions and transparency of operations. Please contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information on our partnership program.


The construction company MMT Tunc Group works with:

  • Investment funds
  • Asset management development companies
  • Private investors
  • Construction companies
  • And other organizations.

Your desire to make a profitable financial investment, plus our 25 years of experience, and numerous new developments has laid a solid foundation for your guaranteed success with MMT Tunc Group.

You can even take part of our “pre-construction phase” investment opportunity and have the piece of mind, knowing that your investment will have grown by the end of the commissioning stage.

If you are interested in the prospect of partnership, please leave your application and we will contact you to provide all the necessary information.

Equity investment

We attract companies and individuals who are interested in a profitable construction business.

We offer investments in:

  • Commercial property (retail and office space) with a good location and traffic that is in demand among tenants
  • Apartments for resale with a purchase at the initial stage of construction and for subsequent resale with a yield of up to 30%
  • We also provide services for the construction of any turnkey projects on an individual order – from villas to SPA hotels.

 For our part, we guarantee:

  • Competence in the field of construction, proven by years of successful work
  • Responsibility and professionalism of the entire team – from the director to the builder and manager
  • Openness and establishment of trusting partnerships
  • Expediting any, even the most complex and challenging tasks
  • For the MMT Tunc Group team, the possibilities are endless.
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Contact Informations:

Phone :

+90 (532) 698 83 43 (EN-UA-RU)

+ 90 (532) 134 60 07  (TR)

WhatsApp : +90 (532) 698 83 43

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